Shoe Store

My first guest post… yippee!

After reading my blog a super special friend of mine sent me an observation he had while shopping last night… “After reading your blog today I came across this at the mall!  Why would women’s shoes not be considered name brand? Men’s shoes were branded… Women’s and kid’s to the back!  Just another example of your daily struggle. Thanks for making me more aware of my environment.”


Very interesting observation… all of the men’s shoes labeled by brand while all of the women’s shoes lump-ed together as “women’s” with a bright pink sign.  I also noticed the difference in variety.  It looks like the men’s section has double the rows of shoes…

I welcome any and all photos, comments, and observations.  When you are out and about I ask you to be “gender spies” and please send any positive or negative representations my way.  I would love to share!

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