Dad Books

In an earlier post () I discussed the importance of celebrating the bond that exists between a father and child as much as we celebrate the love that exists between a mother and child.  In noticing a real lack of father dynamics in our books at home I have made it a personal goal to diversify our library at home.  I want C to grow up hearing stories and seeing pictures of loving and nurturing fathers.  I have just scratched the surface but wanted to share a few gems I have found thus far. Enjoy!

There, There: A sweet book about a bear who continues to stub his toe or scrape his knew but his dad is always there to pick him up, brush him off, and help him back about his day.

Me and My Dad!: A father bear and his child that do everything together, explore, climb mountains, but most importantly they do it together.


Daddy Kisses: A story of various animals that receives kisses from their Dad.

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