Gender observations in travel 

I had a long layover yesterday in Dallas and thought I’d go for a walk/gender scavenger hunt in the airport. It was fun to walk around and look at different representations in airport gift shops.

Hope you enjoy my photo journey….

Kids t-shirt Unfortunately they didn’t stock the “Big Book of Girl Stuff” 

Where are the female action figures? Why is Kobe Bryant a super hero?

A Texas style boot shop. Not a single piece of pink or purple leather. Impressed!

I could have taken all day analyzing magazines but here are a choice few September issue covers:

2 thoughts on “Gender observations in travel 

  1. “Man up” is really such a horrible expression, isn’t it? No matter how attractive Idris Elba is. 😛

    And the “real women” stuff always messes with me too. So bloody annoying. Real women as opposed to what? Skinny chicks are just as real as the big ones, aren’t they? This is as much body shaming as the glorification of skinny models is.

    A thought provoking set of pics, for sure!


    1. Agreed! Thanks for your comments. I had strong reactions when I saw certain things but it is interesting to me to see what other people notice and pick out from the same photo. Glad you enjoyed!

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