What to do post March


If you marched yesterday you are probably feeling like me.  I am coming down from the high of one of my most humbling life experiences.  The Women’s March made my top 10 life moments list by far.  I am left feeling energetic and eager to get my voice heard; however short of running for office I don’t know where to start.

Thanks to the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington, they have put together a 10 Actions / 100 days commitment list (link below). You can sign up for their handy mailing list and they will email them to you… how is easy is that?

The 1st action is to mail a postcard to your Senator.  You simply log on to their webpage… print your postcard, and mail!  They even include a zip code search for ease of searching.  I am taking the 100 day challenge and I hope you join me!

Source: 10 Actions / 100 Days — Women’s March on Washington

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