Thank you Secret

I saw these two gems the other night… I was impressed with them and hope you enjoy!



Good read 

Thank you Glamour magazine for the great September issue!

I rarely read magazines anymore, but on a recent trip back I picked this one up at the airport.  I was so pleased with the articles, topics discussed and many different representations of women.  Of course there are still Botox and beauty adds immediately following a story about loving you in your own skin, but it is a women’s magazine after all.


How do you feel about moving for him?


A good friend of mine recently made the decision to move with her partner out of State.  We got together for a run and breakfast and talked about her plans for her career, cats, friends, and apartment.  While talking through the details of her upcoming move, she shared with me that some of the top questions prior to her move were:

  • How do you feel about moving for him?
  • Do you feel comfortable moving without a ring on your finger?

This dear friend of mine is in her early 30’s, accomplished and has moved many places on her own.  It made me think about my path and the moves I have made.

The 1st move I ever made was for college, I left my family and moved across several states to attend University.  This move I made on my own, leaving my high school sweetheart behind, knowing that we would probably break up.  The 2nd move I made was to the mountains to be a ski bum with my then boyfriend.  He was doing well in his career and I was ready to switch it up and do something different.  The 3rd move I made was from the mountains to the beach with the same guy who was now my spouse.  This again was for my career and the opportunity to live in a completely different environment prior to settling in the city where we wanted to start our family.  The 4th and final move I have made was with my spouse back to the city we wanted to make our forever home.

In looking at all my moves, I have never made a move that could be considered, for the person I was with. 3/4 of my moves have been with a special someone, who happened to be a man.  I don’t believe he was questioned once about moving for me or about whether or not we should be engaged before we moved.  In fact, I know that he was given a hard time the 1st time about moving for a girl and leaving his job behind.  I guess that wasn’t a very manly thing to do.

Making changes in life is never easy, especially when it means uprooting your life and trying something completely different. Next time you hear about a couple moving somewhere new together…try and break the traditional gender assumptions.  What would it look and feel like if we don’t assume that a woman is moving for her man?  And what would it look and feel like if we don’t ask or assume that he should put a ring on it.  Instead let’s just support the transition that two people are making together and leave the rest of it off the table.


Emoji Feminism

A friend sent me a great article this weekend about feminism and emoticons… you can read it here…

Hey, Unicode, It’s About Damn Time We Had Some Emojis for Professional Women

After reading the article I wanted more.  I quickly dug through my phone and found the following.  According to emoticons…

Men can do the following activities or have the following profession…


Men’s faces are also represented in the following ways:


As a contrast women can do the following activities or have the following profession:


Women’s faces are represented in the following ways:


In summary men’s professions are diverse and exciting and represented in 17 different emoticons.  In a stark contrast women can be dancers, Playboy bunnies, brides, princesses, or Japanese dolls and are represented in 5 emoticons.  Men’s facial emoticons are represented as speaking out loud or smiling.  Women are represented as asking questions, doing weird hand signals, getting haircuts, showing confusion, showing emotion, and getting head massages… sad and strange…

One final one to leave you with… A woman’s hand and a man’s hand.



Puzzle Pieces


Recently my son has gotten in to puzzles. I am amazed at how quickly he is able to figure out where the pieces go and put them in to place.  When he received his 1st puzzle I thought he was too young for something that advanced.  Over a month or so he began to be interested in the pieces and what they could make.  Even though there were 24 pieces in front of him he started to learn how to assemble piece by piece.  Instead of looking at the heap of pieces in front of him, and getting frustrated, he learned to focus on what he knows.  First he finds a part of the puzzle where the boys’ leg goes, then he finds the piece that attaches to the body, then the shoe, then the arm, etc…

As I watch him take on new puzzles and learn new pictures to put together piece by piece, I cannot help but reflect on my own life’s puzzle.  At times I tend to get overwhelmed and look at challenges ahead as impossible.  I tend to take on a lot of stress when I don’t know the solution or feel as if I don’t know what to do.  In watching C put together his puzzle it has caused me to re evaluate my approach to challenges in work or home life.  To look at each situation as a puzzle where I focus on what I know, what I can link and solve, and then grow from there…