Abby Whelan on Feminism

Do I have any other fellow Scandal lovers out there?  I am continually impressed by this show and the way in which Shonda Rhimes addresses social and political issues in such a captivating way .

One of my all time favorite monologues regarding the double standards of females in power is below… enjoy!

For those of you who don’t watch… a quick recap.  Abby is the White House Press Secretary.  Her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend have both been caught up in a scandal in which they are linked as past partners to a woman who is about to publish an expose on the various sexual escapades she has had with several high profile D.C. men.  Abby decides that she will need to resign her position based on her history with these two men.  When her current boyfriend seems confused by Abby’s decision to resign she explains to him the double standards that she is judged upon.  


A great reminder of how many times throughout the day I say I’m sorry… instead of just saying why I am there, what I think, or what I need.

Ever since watching this I make a conscious effort to stop apologizing for being who I am and asking questions.  I challenge myself daily to stop saying I’m sorry for being present and engaged.  In the beginning I was so surprised by how many times I apologize for something that I am not sorry for…nor should I be.

I challenge you to remove “sorry” from your vocabulary.  The impact I have seen over the last year in my professional and personal life has made a BIG impact.  Try it out and see how you do!

Toys for Girls

Watching this video reminds me of when I used to nanny for two girls when I was in college.  Every afternoon we would watch some cartoons after school.  The commercials were so ridiculously gendered.  The girls would play with Easy Bake Ovens, dolls, and etc… The boys were sold ACTION toys, water guns, and sports.  After a basketball commercial in which boys were shooting hoops, I asked the girls why there were never any girls in the sports and action commercials.  They simply responded that it’s just not common for girls to like those types of things.  They both loved playing outside and running around just as much as any boy would, yet when watching TV they thought nothing of the way in which girls were depicted.  I hope that more of these types of toys hit the market and that girls can be excited about the way in which they are represented in the media…